Everything you need to get started with LoRaWAN

Everything you need to get started with LoRaWAN

Our Catapult Kit is an operational out-of-the-box experience that introduces the benefits of the VoBo Endpoint and LoRaWAN technology to industrial clients.


LoRaWAN Catapult Kit Overview

The Catapult Kit simplifies the adoption of LoRaWAN wireless data creation, collection, and delivery. It is a plug and play kit that makes it easy to get started and comes with no strings attached.

The Catapult Kit includes VoBo Endpoints, a MultiTech gateway, and either VolleyBoast Portal Service (complimentary) or ClearBlade’s Intelligent Assets. The customer need only connect the Gateway to the Internet, power up the Gateway, connect the VoBo Endpoint to the desired sensors, and flip the power switch; things begin communicating. Then log on to the portal and see your data.

The Catapult Kit is not a closed system. It is designed to grow as you add more data collection points to your network. The kit can easily be expanded by adding additional VoBo Endpoints. Other LoRa Alliance approved Endpoints may also be added to your network. If desired, any LoRa Alliance approved network server may be installed to help you manage your growing network. If starting with the complimentary Volley Boast Portal, the data stream may later be redirected and integrated with other data management platforms.

The VolleyBoast technical team is available to help you get started.


 LoRa Radio Technology

The Catapult Kit uses a LoRa wide area network, commonly referred to as LoRaWAN.   There are multiple reasons to use LoRaWAN as the communication technology for wirelessly gathering data.

  • LoRa stands for Long Range.  Line of sight range is frequently quoted as 10 miles.
  • Robustness to Interference.  The 900 to 915 Mhz frequency of the LoRa radio stays clear of most all of the typical emissions in an industrial operation.  LoRa signals are able to pass through and around physical obstacles, providing deep indoor penetration and excellent connectivity in industrial settings.
  • Low Power Consumption.  The chirp spread spectrum modulation consumes little power.  LoRa devices typically function by taking readings of sensors/transmitters on a periodic basis.  This permits the Endpoint to consume infinitesimal amounts of power in between readings.  The combination of the low power radio and the intermittent readings results in a battery life measured in years.
  • Large Network Capacity. 100’s of Endpoints (VoBo’s) can be connected to a single gateway.

The standards for LoRa and LoRaWAN are overseen by the LoRa Alliance. Further details on the technology and related protocols can be found at https://lora-alliance.org.

Putting it all Together

Taken together, the benefits from deploying a LoRaWAN with the VoBo Endpoint are significant. Once the gateway is installed and the data is routed to your desired data management platform, the cost of transmitting data from an incremental sensor/transmitter is insignificant. For new installations, the cost of installing power and communication cabling is eliminated. Existing sensors/transmitters can easily be turned into wireless transmitters, with minimal additional cabling required. Practically, in an industrial environment, as many additional end points as may be desired can be added to the single gateway network. If desired, redundancy can also be added by installing additional gateways. The Catapult Kit is a risk-free way to see the benefits firsthand.



The VoBo: GP-1 or HL-1

The VoBo GP-1 is a general-purpose, autonomous, universal LoRaWAN bridge. The VoBo HL-1 is certified for use in Class1 Div 2 hazardous locations. Either model of our unique Endpoint can work with nearly any sensor on the market. Multiple sensors can be connected to each VoBo. The VoBo can be configured by the customer to:

  • Collect and transmit data on a customer-defined cycle.
  • Supply between 5 and 24 VDC to the analog terminal blocks
  • Apply gain and offset adjustments to the analog signals.
  • Settings for polling Modbus RTU registers.
  • Settings for determining how the VoBo rejoins the network if the connection is lost.

Gateway: MultiTech MTCDT-L4N1-246A-915-US or MTCDTIP-L4N1-266A-915

The MTCDT-L4N1-246A-915-US, often referred to as the blue Conduit, requires a NEMA 3R or greater enclosure if installed outdoors.  Otherwise it should be installed indoors and if the monitoring points are outdoors, reception can be improved by mounting the antenna outdoors.

The MTCDTIP-L4N1-266A-915 (referred to as the IP67) is rated IP67 and ready to be installed outdoors.

The gateways come with cellular (sim card provided, user to activate account directly with cellular provider) and ethernet connectivity to the cloud. The IP67 Gateway requires a POE injector for power and the blue Conduit comes with an ac to dc converter.

  • Industrial grade IP67 models and indoor models
  • Collects data from 10 to 100’s of VoBos
  • Manages the network of VoBo Nodes
  • Forwards the data to the Cloud over ethernet, or by cellular transmission

Please visit MultiTech’s site to learn more about the Conduit


User Portal: VolleyBoast Portal or ClearBlade’s Intelligent Edge

The VolleyBoast Portal makes it easy to access the critical data that will enable you to make better informed business decisions. The Catapult Kit comes with a 4 or 8-month complimentary subscription to the VolleyBoast Portal depending on the kit configuration you choose. Subscription will renew monthly after the complimentary subscription expires.

  • Built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform
  • Sensor data stored in secure, redundant databases
  • Customer definition of charts and reports. Outside data can be displayed together to better visualize facility operational parameters.
  • Alerts and alarms management can be established by the customer.
  • Provides for remote configuration of VoBo Endpoints.
  • Tool for tracking use and function of individual VoBo’s.
  • Provides means to convert the payload into engineering units, depending upon the type and range of the attached customer sensors.
  • Provides network health.
  • Data can be downloaded in various formats (xls, pdf, png, cvs) for additional analysis or sharing purposes.

ClearBlade’s Intelligent Edge platform provides a single solution for rapid development of complex IOTs.  From the edge to the cloud, on any protocol or solution, the ClearBlade Edge Platform is ready for deployment.  ClearBlade is the only IoT software platform that can deploy a common software stack across the board.  Purchasing a Catapult Kit with the ClearBlade platform provides you with a LoRaWAN Network preconfigured to work with ClearBlade’s Intelligent Edge.  When you select the ClearBlade option, the customer will obtain the license directly from ClearBlade and VolleyBoast will install the necessary credentials on the gateway.


Silo Fill Pressure Pump/Motor Heat Trace
Open/Close Flow Rate Leak Detection Modbus RTU Enabled Analyzers
On/Off Switches Water Quality Fire Station Alerts Controllers
Alarms High/Low Wash Stations Meters

There are many monitoring possibilities. Please contact VolleyBoast to discuss your specific requirements.



Decrease operational expenses

  • Reduce manual inspection of monitoring equipment and data entry.
  • Reduce cost of installed expensive instrumentation in the field.
  • Increase preventative and reduce reactive maintenance.
  • Optimize replenishment of consumables

Increase revenue

  • Operating process variables to maximize production.
  • Increase facility availability, run time.
  • Improve timing of bulk sales from tanks/silos.  

Reduce environmental impacts and improve safety

  • Respond quicker to environmental incidents/upsets.
  • Minimize operating employee drive times and accident exposure
  • Alert the right people when safety equipment is activated.