About Us


  • The principals of Volley Boast have a combined 55 years of experience in the energy sector. They met through the racquet sport of Squash and the name “Volley Boast” comes from a term used to describe a specific type of shot.

Pete Weidler - founder
Peter Weidler

30 years experience in the energy sector, including E&P, midstream, refining, and solar in positions ranging from Analyst to CEO. P&L responsibility for 10 operating companies with combined revenue of $1,900 mm. Ten years of international experience.

John Greene - founder
John Greene

25 years experience in trading, finance, and asset management. Particular focus in the IT, finance, and energy sectors. Extensive experience with both start-ups as well as existing operations management processes.

  • After six months of preliminary market and technical research, Volley Boast opened an office in April of 2017. In August, 2018 development of Volley Boast’s Monitoring Service was completed and field testing begun. Service will be available for commercial use in September of 2018.