VoBoSync enhances the quality, accuracy, and confidence of insights gained from your data.

VoBoSync (Pat. Pending) technology allows the sensor data collection on any number of VoBoSync enabled endpoints to be coordinated enabling more meaningful data and insights. The LoRaWAN data transmissions of enabled devices is coordinated to eliminate data packet clashing which reduces retransmissions and extends battery life.  Many VoBo deployments are designed so that sensor data is sampled at set intervals, with the start time based on when the VoBo is powered up, and subsequent cycle timing maintained by the VoBo’s internal clock.  For these applications, the time at which the measurement is taken is not important, only that the time between measurements is known and consistent.  This methodology is widely used for battery powered LoRaWAN Class A devices.  In some applications, the time at which a sensor takes its measurement is significant to the quality of the data and analysis, where meaningful analysis can only be gained when sensor data is sampled at the same or coordinated times.  VoBoSync orchestrates this synchronization, improving the accuracy of machine learning algorithms and the accuracy of anomaly detection and time-series forecasting.

Use VoBoSync when:

  1. It is important to schedule the exact time a measurement is taken.
  2. Sensor data samples between multiple VoBos are required to be at the same time or coordinated times.
  3. The avoidance of data transmission clashing between VoBos is required.
  4. The most efficient use and longest possible battery life is required.

VoBoSync requires the use of a network server that is compliant with LoRaWAN 1.0.3 or later.