Volley Boast Monitoring Service

Volley Boast’s Monitoring Service ("VBMS") is a cost-effective way to collect and access data to improve both operations and the bottom line.

VBMS delivers essential operations management data to the desktop:

  • Accessible from any browser.
  • Without the need for utilities or extensive cabling.
  • Connects to industry standard sensors.
  • Ideal for operations located in remote areas.

VBMS provides operators with timely, actionable information:

  • Custom secure web portal for accessing defined charts/graphs and reports.
  • Customer specified analysis/calculations performed.
  • Integration of predictive maintenance algorithms.
  • Alerts provided per customer defined settings.
  • Data stored per industry "best practices" and customer needs.

The value proposition for VBMS is simple, transparent, and straightforward:

  • Volley Boast installs, owns, and maintains the telemetry equipment and is responsible for delivery of the specified information in the requested format.
  • Customer installs, owns, and maintains the sensors connected to their operations (Volley Boast assists with this when necessary).
  • Volley Boast charges a monthly fee for the data/information that is provided.
  • Customer may continue or discontinue with the service after an initial period.
  • Customer saves money, gets better information, and improves operations.