improve management of operations

Operational Benefits

  • Decrease Operational Expenses

    Volley Boast’s Monitoring Service decreases operational expenses in several ways. First, the service, in most cases, will cost less to deploy then the manpower currently being used to take visual readings, record the measurements, and transfer them to the appropriate report formats. Second, with our predictive maintenance algorithms the operator can quickly determine when and where preventative maintenance is needed, avoiding potentially catastrophic failures or unnecessary time-based maintenance.

  • Improve Labor Deployment

    Freed of the need to schedule and perform routine measurement activities, operating staff can be redeployed where their expertise and services are actually required, when they are required. Less windshield time, more problem solving, fewer contractors.

  • Reduce Environmental Impacts and Improved Safety

    Remote monitoring can significantly reduce the amount of time necessary to respond to an “event.” Simply put, the longer it takes to discover and respond to an event the more it costs to address it. So why not be informed sooner than later? Not knowing is no longer a valid excuse. Similarly, remote locations necessitate employee safety considerations. Every time an employee/contractor needs to drive somewhere and every time an employee/contractor makes a solo visit to a remote location creates the possibility for an accident. Limiting the drives and visits required solely to obtain data/information that can be collected remotely, operational safety records necessarily improve.

  • Increase Revenue

    Remote monitoring permits an operator to correlate operating conditions (process inputs) with output (production). Understanding this correlation allows the operator to fine tune and correct its operating parameters to optimize processes. Remote monitoring can be used to determine when consumables are low or if equipment requires maintenance (or is simply not working). This information greatly improves facility availability, run time, crop growth, etc.