The VoBo GP-1 and Agriculture


We are honored that the VoBo GP-1 is featured as part of Digi-Key’s Farm Different initiative. Using video, blog posts, and other resources, the series does a great job highlighting a few of the many benefits IoT can bring to agriculture.

Here is an excerpt from one of the Digi-Key blog posts titled Increase Agricultural Monitoring Range with LoRaWAN.

“Choosing a wireless protocol for your Agriculture IoT project can make all the difference when it comes to range, cost, availability, and more. One commonly used protocol is LoRaWAN. There are many reasons for this, with the most significant being it is a long-range, low power network that can be set-up in a very cost-effective manner. It works great in locations that Wi-Fi isn’t readily available; and where multiple cellular plans wouldn’t be cost-effective.

One of our suppliers has a great product and software for Agricultural IoT applications that work on a LoRaWAN network. Volley Boast helps determine the best frequency of data collection, provides an easy to use device, and software for review of the data. Their device, called the VoBo, works with almost any sensor on the market and can have up to three sensors connected to it. This node is programmed for frequency, local backup for data, and to wake up if triggered by an event.”

Interested in learning more about how the VoBo and LoRaWAN work together in the agriculture industry? Read what our distributor, DigiKey, has to say!