The next evolution of VoBo GP-1 and HL-1 has arrived

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The most flexible LoRaWAN endpoint is now even better! A step change in VoBo GP-1™ and VoBo HL-1™ capability adds functionality and versatility.

New Standard Features

  • Engineering Unit Reporting available for analog channels, eliminates the need for additional computations to sensor data, simplifying and reducing the effort involved with decoding payloads.
  • Data Logging collects sensor data in an improved format, for recovery with or without a network connection. If network connection is lost, or in offline mode, payload data is available for recovery.
  • Offline Mode utilizes the data logging capability when there is no LoRaWAN network available, or notransmission is needed. The VoBo functions as a data logger, collecting data for download.
  • Recover and Save Configuration CSV files for re-use, reducing deployment effort on repeated applications.
  • Modbus Write capability enables the VoBo to write to a Modbus RTU slave device’s registers.
  • Improved Payload Decoder is a universal decoder for all VoBo models, backward compatible to previous models and available on LoRaWAN Network Servers with VoBo profiles. Includes Modbus word and byte swap capability.
  • Health Monitoring Tools provide additional information on the operating condition of the VoBo and transmissions.
  • VoBoConfig Tool is a user-friendly interface that simplifies local VoBo configuration.

New Optional Features

  • VoBoAnalytics plug-in option applies customer defined algorithm(s) to the sensor data, computing results and/or initiating an action. VoBoAnalytics open a world of options in data collection, analysis, and operational functionality. True edge computing capability is now available for your IoT deployment.
  • VoBoSync* option enables synchronized sensor measurements on any number of enabled devices or a single VoBo endpoint. Improve the relevance and value of your data analysis with coordinated sensor measurements and transmission, improved data success rate, and improved battery life.
  • Multiple Modbus RTU Read/Write option allows multiple slave devices to be read and written to, by a single VoBo. Reduce costs with improved device utilization and fewer installations.

These features make it easier than ever to accurately and efficiently collect and transmit data to LoRaWAN® servers on customer-defined cycles!