Implementing transformative technology: Think in the thousands, not millions


Industrial IoT and, more particularly, LoRa, are quite literally “world changing.” While the benefits are numerous, those associated with cost and savings are often the most stark.

Customer Story: $50,000 vs $5,000,000

On a recent trip to a customer’s facility, an instrumentation engineer shared that he was looking to bring some HSE equipment online. While awaiting a quote from a large engineering company (name withheld), he learned about the battery-powered VoBo and quickly got up to speed using one. He and his team decided they could do the project themselves with a dozen VoBos.

When the formal third-party quote from the engineering company eventually came back, it was over $5,000,000. Using an existing LoRaWAN at their facility and a small fleet of VoBos, our customer’s in-house instrumentation team will instead do the project for $50,000. Literally a 99% savings. And as our customer said laughing, “That quote is just for the install. It does not even factor in all the additional ongoing maintenance, support, and general overhead we’d otherwise have to pay over who knows how many years if we did not go with the VoBo solution!” Wise man, our instrumentation engineering friend.

Advancements in technology often result in significant cost savings

Such savings can even be an order of magnitude. It is very rare, though, that such advancements offer savings of multiple orders of magnitude. As the anecdote above shows, VoBos on LoRaWANs can do precisely that. And that is just one of the many advantages of using the VoBo.

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