VoBos in the wild.


One of the most interesting things about working with cutting edge technology like LoRa is exploring all of the potential applications. Some use cases are pretty straightforward. Others are kind of wild. To demonstrate the wide array of uses for VolleyBoast's VoBo we are starting a series describing the duties of various VoBos operating in the real world.

Wellhead monitoring was one of the first use cases envisioned for the VoBo. The remote nature of oil and gas wells makes such monitoring a largely manual and time-consuming process. Additionally, such wells are, by definition, located in “hazardous areas” requiring any devices operating on them to be certified per electrical and related industrial safety codes. Cellular solutions certainly address some of these issues although managing and networking large fleets of SIM cards on such devices can be difficult.


Meet VoBo HS-22

Location: South Texas, USA
Use: Monitoring casing and tubing pressures on a gas wellhead
DevEUI: 00-80-00-00-00-01-7A-CD
Attached Sensors: 2 GEMS 0-2000 psi 4-20mA (part 31CSB20CPS02E000)
Reading Cycle: 30 minutes
Expected Battery Life: 2.6 years (per VB calculator)

VolleyBoast grew up in the oil patch. The VoBo was designed with oil and gas operations in mind. A VoBo's effective use, though, is by no means limited to such operations. We have talked to customers with operations in refining, chemicals, textiles, water/wastewater treatment, farming, ranching, environmental monitoring, automation, and many more. The list of potential applications is literally endless.

As always, we are ready to talk about anything and everything LoRa. Please reach out if you have any ideas and/or want to discuss.