VoBos in the Wild – Second Edition


As mentioned in last summer’s inaugural “VoBos in the Wild,” it is always awesome for us to see the various ways customers come up with to use a VoBo. At that time, so many use cases were popping up that we intended to showcase new, interesting use cases on a more frequent basis. Unfortunately things do not always go to plan. Better late than never, though!

Far and away the most valuable benefit LPWANs provide is improvement in safety. This is particularly true in large industrial operations like those at refineries and chemical plants where small mishaps can easily turn into life threatening situations. While savings, efficiencies, better operational data, etc. are all fantastic, they run a distant second when compared to the health and safety of personnel.

The below picture shows a great example of this. This VoBo is deployed deep within a processing facility. It is used to monitor calibration gas pressures for critical process analyzers. The customer is focused primarily on health and safety during their rollout of LoRa/LoRaWANs. They shared the picture as it demonstrates how a $600 VoBo can both drastically reduce their staff’s exposure to potentially dangerous equipment and situations while also saving significant time and money. Now, instead of having to access the facility and driving to the site to confirm that pressures are sufficient, the field tech can check it on his computer from the comfort of his office. It is unclear as to how to precisely quantify the value of all of the various improvements made to this process. Almost entirely eliminating the need to go into a dangerous environment, though, is far and away the most valuable benefit.

VoBo In Use

Meet VoBo 35CG1495


Location: Corpus Christi Ship Channel, Texas, USA
Use: Monitoring gas tank pressures used in system critical process analyzers
DevEUI: 00-80-00-00-00-01-C0-48
Channel Plan: US915
Attached Sensors: 2 APG 0-3000 psi 4-20mA
Reading Cycle: 60 minutes
Expected Battery Life: 5.2 years (per VB calculator)

Readers familiar with our history at Volley Boast know we started with the goal of improving upstream oil and gas operations. While we presumed there would be applications for LoRaWAN in facilities with full-time power readily available, we did not fully appreciate the wide range of benefits battery-powered VoBos might offer for safety of staff and personnel.

Please call us to discuss ways we might help improve the safety in your operations and otherwise protect your most valuable assets.